What You Can Do

Invite us to make a presentation at your club, group, church, or organization on the concept of green burial, information on the growing home funeral movement, and updates on the ongoing efforts of the Natural State Burial Association.

Offer input and express your opinions about our efforts; make suggestions; or ask questions. We would love to hear from you. Send us your thoughts.

Share this website with others. Getting the word out is paramount to the success of our venture. Natural State Burial Association exists “to offer the vision, inform the public, hand create a choice.”

Invest your time and talent by joining in the seed stage of this beautiful project by offering your professional services; share networking contacts and information; or offer to serve as a Board Member. For more information contact us.

Support the Natural State Burial Association through a financial donation. Contribute on our donation page.

Make a financial investment toward the purchase of land and the actualization of the cemetery. Join with the Natural State Burial Association to create the first natural cemetery in the Natural State.



To offer the vision, inform the public, and create a choice.