Celebrating Life

Celebrating Life…Here and Beyond

Business models for natural burial grounds in other areas of the country reveal the key component for success: Use the property like a public park! Their intention is to bring the public onto the grounds of the cemetery for an array of programs, events, and activities – – as often as possible.

 Individuals would feel welcomed at any time to walk, reflect, or meditate. Families would be encouraged to have picnics, share seasonal celebrations, and attend hands-on care taking of the property. Community groups would frequently use the cemetery for hiking, bird watching, and nature study.butterfly-569259_640

 An acceptance and inclusion of all the unique components of our community would be evident in the programming schedule. Expressions of cultural and spiritual diversity would be reflected by the variety of activities offered:

  • Musical concerts
  • Seasonal observances
  • Cultural rites of passage
  • Theatrical performances
  • Workshops and conferences
  • Retreats and spiritual gatherings
  • Weddings, parties, family celebrations

 The Natural State Burial Association seeks to establish the most celebrated place in the region to be buried, vibrant with an exciting social and spiritual energy generated by those who gather to celebrating life . . . here and beyond.


To offer the vision, inform the public, and create a choice.