Ellis Ralph

140721 Ellis RalphAs a toddler, Ellis Ralph spent every waking and sleeping hour hearing the music from his older sister’s AM radio. Those were the days. Around age five, he was indelibly influenced by Anita B., the landlady and family friend downstairs who masterfully belted out songs over the sound of her lawnmower or her old Chevy pickup, making singing seem like . . . something normal people might do. By age eight, Ellis had sung to open several annual recitals where his older sister danced, making singing seem like . . . something predestined.

As a tweenager, he learned personally from the fabulous Louis Blue, a free spirited minstrel who was the spit and image of Woody Guthrie, that he could figure out just about ANYthing with only three amazing chords!  Ellis maintained a life-long, part-time, secret-identity as a singer-songwriter, performing in closets or with various esoteric cults, using song to solve all of humanity’s intractable problems, such as romance, theology, and internal rhymes. Then, around the turn of the century, as the strain and stress of Y2K and the unrelenting responsibilities of adulthood started to become . . . old, Ellis felt called to come out, to acknowledge that he had always been a singer-songwriter trapped in the body of a workaholic, and to embrace: Fun.


Contribution: The Mission

I awoke with a memory too real for a dream
after my infirmity finally totally overwhelmed me.
My loved ones were troubled when I did not respond.
When I could not move or speak to reassure them, I knew
I was already gone.

I rose up to the ceiling, ‘n’ looked back down to the room
where my beloved companions stood next to my body
in the grief and the gloom.
How I wanted to tell them I could see them down there!
I just gazed back with love, from somewhere above –
I couldn’t tell where.

I rose up through a tunnel with a bright flawless light at the end.
Peace and joy indescribable filled me completely within!
All my life in a moment I saw, and knew the meaning of;
the only part that was important
was the Love . . .

Then I had to return here — it was not yet my time —
but the mission I learned there is still clear in my mind:
to enjoy and experience, to spread and to share
the joy and the peace of the pure light and love
that live on Over There.

Death is an illusion – just a threshold we cross.
Let there be no confusion: we can never be lost.
Our world too small for fighting; our lives too short for strife.
Let us look for that light. Let us reach out in love
while we’re living this life.

© Ellis Ralph 2008

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