Peter Lippincott

Peter Lippincott PicPeter Lippincott, an Arkansas Living Treasure in pottery, has re-engaged his song-writing brain for the last decade. He has produced 2 CDs of his songs and is working on a third. His songs have won the song writing competition at Winfest, Winfield, KS, twice and come runner up another two times. He is a multi-instrumentalist. His fiddle tune “Snake River Reel” written 35 years ago is played worldwide. That tune and twelve more are presented on another self-produced CD.

His songs are quite varied in topic and musical style. He draws his main inspiration from traditional forms, which he has enjoyed, played and studied for over 50 years.

““Marigold” is a song from my college days. Marigold is the alias I gave a female friend from that time. The song reflects my fears for her future. “Marigold” appeared originally on a compilation LP from 1970 and reappears on my CD entitled “Brain Freeze”, 2013.”


Contribution: Marigold

La, Marigold, Di-da, Marigold
You look different to me now
The sun and I have wanted to try
To caress you envelope you somehow

The King, Marigold, is mean, Marigold
All cower like dogs as he makes rounds
And all his men will come to claim you
And they will take you down

The clown, Marigold, gets down, Marigold
From his big white stallion and faces you
Your head dear maiden with fruit full laden
Will part as his broadsword passes through

The band, Marigold, will stand, bold Marigold
In line at his right hand to catch a view
Sweet wine to tase of your lips aw but in such haste
They’ve all come to do homage to you

You’re pleased, Marigold, but squeezed, Marigold
Of all honest emotions you contain
Some rest, rapport, and liquid to restore
Some measure of the bloom, but not the same

So la, Marigold, di-da, Marigold
To be a flower in the king’s bouquet
But like all flowers do, you certainly must wither too
Without a tear you will be thrown away


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