The Cate Brothers

The Cate BrothersFayetteville favorites The Cate Brothers are the singer-songwriter-musician duo of Earl and Ernest (Ernie) Cate (born December 26, 1942), twin brothers from Fayetteville, Arkansas. In the mid-1960s they became performers of country soul music at clubs and dances in Arkansas and elsewhere in the mid-South. Both brothers are singers, with Earl playing guitar and Ernie playing piano. They were recording artists during the mid- to late 1970s and again from the mid-1990s through the first decade of the 2000s. The band was inducted into the Arkansas Music Hall of Fame in 2015.

“This Side of Heaven,” which was written by Ernie and Earl after the deaths of Earl’s wife, Angela, and longtime bandmate William “Porky” Hill.

Earl now plays with the Fayetteville-based quartet, “Earl and Them”. The song “This Side of Heaven” was occasioned by the death of his wife.


Contribution: This Side of Heaven

I must have cried a sea of tears;
My emotions have run dry.
If I could live a thousand years
I would still wonder why.

It does no good to second guess,
Another time, another place.
At so much pain and emptiness
Only time can erase.

I’m reaching out for my Father’s hands.
This side of Heaven, it’s hard to understand.
Must be a reason, is it part of the plan?
Is it part of the plan, this side of Heaven?

We make plans and promises
But there’s no getting peace.
One shining light here on earth
Is now a star in eternity.

Some day we’ll meet beyond the sun
Where a milliion years are the same as one.
But until then, may His will be done,
May His will be done, this side of Heaven.


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