Finding the Land for a Natural Cemetery

The Ozark Sanctuary

Recently, a landowner working with the Northwest Arkansas Land Trust approached NSBA with the offer to include within their trust an earth burial cemetery. We are thrilled to announce that the process is under way to make this happen during the coming year. The project will be known as Ozark Sanctuary.

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Arkansas’ Natural Cemetery Initiative:

In an effort to address the environmental impact of perpetual care cemeteries, the carbon footprint of cremation, and the high cost of conventional burial, Natural State Burial Association continues to promote the concept of earth burials and seek the establishment of natural burial sites across Arkansas.

The northwest corner of the state of Arkansas is home to a beautifully diverse collection of people. This rich diversity is evident in our wide array of lifestyles and spiritual beliefs, a creative and vibrant artistic energy, an esteemed academic presence, a strong environmental consciousness, and an amiable social atmosphere.

All these factors contribute to the flavor, the image, the appeal of Northwest Arkansas as a great place to live. We want to promote the notion that this is also a good place to die – – or, at least, to be buried.

As of Fall 2018, no cemetery operating in the State of Arkansas is designated as a green or natural cemetery.

It’s Happening Here:

At present, there are 107 Green Cemeteries in the United States, and 48 of those boast the endorsement of the Green Burial Council.  Some are listed below.

Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery – 78 acres in Florida, opened in 2010 –

Penn Forest Natural Burial Cemetery – 32 acres in Pennsylvania, opened in 2008-

White Eagle Memorial Preserve – 20 acre cemetery is set within 1300 wild acres, opened in 2008 –

Green Springs Natural Cemetery – 93 acres in New York, opened in 2006 –

Forever Fernwood – 32 acres in California, opened in 2004 –

Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve – Memorial Ecosystems has 350 acres in Florida. Opened in 2002

Ramsey Creek Preserve – Memorial Ecosystems has 32 acres in South Carolina. Opened in 1996 –

To offer the vision, inform the public, and create a choice.