Arkansas’ Green Cemetery Initiative

No cemetery operating in the State of Arkansas is designated as a green or natural cemetery.

Finding the land for a Green Cemetery

The northwest corner of the state of Arkansas is home to a beautifully diverse collection of people. This rich diversity is evident in our wide array of lifestyles and spiritual beliefs, a creative and vibrant artistic energy, an esteemed academic presence, a strong environmental consciousness, and an amiable social atmosphere.

All these factors contribute to the flavor, the image, the appeal of Northwest Arkansas as a great place to live. We want to promote the notion that this is also a good place to die – – or, at least, to be buried.

Know anyone who wants to give away a cemetery? They did in New Jersey. Click Here to read the amazing story of the Steelmantown Cemetery.

What are your thoughts? How can you help further this goal?
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It’s Happening Here:

At present, there are 107 Green Cemeteries in the United States, and 48 of those boast the endorsement of the Green Burial Council.  Some are listed below.

Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery – 78 acres in Florida, opened in 2010 –

Penn Forest Natural Burial Cemetery – 32 acres in Pennsylvania, opened in 2008-

White Eagle Memorial Preserve – 20 acre cemetery is set within 1300 wild acres, opened in 2008 –

Green Springs Natural Cemetery – 93 acres in New York, opened in 2006 –

Forever Fernwood – 32 acres in California, opened in 2004 –

Glendale Memorial Nature Preserve – Memorial Ecosystems has 350 acres in Florida. Opened in 2002

Ramsey Creek Preserve – Memorial Ecosystems has 32 acres in South Carolina. Opened in 1996 –

To offer the vision, inform the public, and create a choice.