“The mission of the Natural State Burial Association is to provide environmentally-sound burial and diverse memorial options   through the founding and operating of cemeteries designed to conserve natural landscape.”

cropped-flowers.jpgThe Vision:  A Green Burial in a Natural Cemetery

Wrapping an un-embalmed human body in a shroud, placing that body in a grave, covering it with earth, and letting nature take over – – imagine the beautiful simplicity of a natural burial.

 Something about the way things used to be rings very true for me. What triggered my discomfort with the products and procedures of the modern funeral industry? What sparked my yearning for a most basic and unencumbered surrender to earth’s final embrace? What called me out of my comfort zone to take on the challenge of establishing a natural burial ground in Arkansas, the ‘Natural State’?

I don’t know exactly. But I have spoken with enough of you to know that you want this too.  I believe, when people are ready, when they realize the time for change has come, that spirit inspires the collective conscious and calls us to act. We have no choice but to find the means to create this place.

We each have a concept, a vision of our final resting place. We each will contribute what we can, in all the unique and important ways we can to make our state’s first green burial ground a reality. Together we will co-create a sanctuary where the process of becoming earth is peaceful, harmonious, and just as natural as can be.



Natural State Burial Association:

To Offer the Vision, Inform the Public, and Create a Choice

To offer the vision, inform the public, and create a choice.